Capacity Building

IILAT works with international and domestic experts to offer training that provides practitioners with knowledge, skills, and resources in the area of international criminal law, transnational law and human rights. Our capacity-building training initiatives are directed at:

  • lawyers

  • law societies

  • bar associations

  • civil society organisations

IILAT works with parties to understand their needs, and designs and provides specialist support in mutually agreed areas to build and develop effective and robust legal systems that uphold the rule of law. 

With an emphasis on transferring legal expertise and skills, IILAT appreciates that experts must be matched to the needs of those being trained. Training must also be individually tailored to ensure that it is appropriate for the legal sector in the country and/or region as well as culturally and gender sensitive. IILAT's capacity-building focuses on delivering real improvements in areas such as:

  • Challenges in Prosecuting International Crimes

  • Understanding International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law

  • Strategic Human Rights Litigation

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Judicial Management

  • Security Sector Reform

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