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Advanced Advocacy

This training has been specifically designed for lawyers with prior experience before international courts and tribunals who would like to enhance their advocacy skills in specific areas (expert witnesses, vulnerable witnesses, remote advocacy). The training consists of a blend of legal, procedural and advocacy exercises, delivered by experienced practitioners before international courts.


One of the focusses of this course is witness handling: the skill of managing the witnesses you are calling to support your case. The term applies to the interactions with witnesses during the pre-trial stage, in the courtroom, and following their testimony. 


Dealing with the variety of witnesses you will call (fact, expert, vulnerable, etc.) requires specific training and expertise. 

In the courtroom, witnesses also adopt different demeanors, depending on their motivations, characters, and/or emotions. For example, witnesses may be either (or a combination of): honest, forgetful, lying, evasive, argumentative, and/or hostile. 

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