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Our Story

IILAT succeeds The Advocacy Club, which was founded in 2013 in The Hague to address the growing need for courtroom advocacy training at international courts and tribunals. The Advocacy Club organised free courses and trainings for hundreds of advocates and aspiring advocates in The Hague in single lectures and multi-day courses, including at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Court. Its work came to be recognised internationally and received support and sponsorship from national and international institutions such as The Inns of Court College of Advocacy in the United Kingdom. 


In the spirit of complementarity, IILAT has since expanded its work to include legal and human rights capacity building. IILAT has delivered bespoke trainings and courses to national and international legal and human rights institutions and practitioners across the globe, including in France, Lebanon, Haiti, Tunisia, Central African Republic and Ukraine. IILAT calls upon a diverse range of experts with diverse professional, linguistic and cultural backgrounds to deliver tailored courses.


IILAT is a foundation registered in The Netherlands. Its core mission to raise the legal and human rights standards and to participate in building a more inclusive and diverse system of international justice.

What, How and Why

What we do. In a competitive field with high stakes, there is a need for legal and human rights practitioners to not only possess an in-depth knowledge of law and procedure but also have excellent advocacy and strategic skills.

IILAT provides training to legal and human rights practitioners and institutions working in various national and fora. Working closely with our clients, IILAT experts plan, develop and organise bespoke training to meet specific needs.

How we do it. IILAT helps legal and human rights practitioners across the globe to learn and improve their skills by following a structured method of teaching that incorporates local context and diverse perspectives.We design and deliver introductory trainings for institutions and practioners just starting out. For established organisations, we deliver specialist courses on a wide range of topics specifically designed for skilled legal and human rights practitioners.  We also organize public lectures and events where renowned practitioners share their experiences and discuss topics of interest in public international law, international criminal law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and transitional justice.We work with experts from various legal and cultural backgrounds, in French, English and Arabic, to ensure that the training we provide is inclusive and tailored to the needs of the audience.

Why we do it. At IILAT we are convinced that anyone can become an expert with the appropriate training and support. We believe society and the rule of law, international justice and human rights benefit from experienced and knowledgable practioners. ​For this reason, our ambition is to empower legal and human rights professionals to move with ease within and between national and international legal and human rights institutions and fields, and to empower a new generation of gender- and geographically diverse practitioners.

What How and Why

Meet the Team

Kamran Choudhry

Director of Operations

Meritxell Regué 

Director of Training

Johann Soufi

Director of Strategy

Julian Elderfield

Director of Research

Meet the Team
Elif Gökşen


Matas Stankevičius



Sharaf Hussein


Julia Spiesberger​​


Henrietta Gilchrist


Meet our Experts

IILAT has worked with an extensive range of experts with international and national legal and human rights experience, from judges at the International Criminal Court judges to national human rights practitioners with specialised expertise in their local contexts.


Email us at for more details about our expert trainers and collaborators.

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