IILAT Summer School 2021: It’s a wrap!

Posted on: Sunday, 29 August 2021

IILAT’s inaugural summer school, titled ‘Introduction to Advocacy before International Criminal Tribunals’ was held on 28-29 august 2021. It took place online with participants from the whole world: Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Algeria/France, Malaysia, UK/Germany, Australia, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, Armenia, Uganda, Nigeria/UK, Slovenia, Italy and Cameroon/Netherlands.

We received over 120 applications for 18 positions. 16 participants completed the entire programme and were issued with the IILAT Summer School Certificate. The participants learned about and practised their advocacy skills, delivering an opening statement and examining a witness, using a fictional case scenario Prosecutor v. Darth Vader. They were guided by six experienced trainers – practising lawyers in international criminal law. 

The response of the participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Previous trainings and events

16 November 2021             IILAT Online Debate 'The Secrets of Advocacy Before International

                                              Criminal Tribunals'

 28-29 August 2021           IILAT Summer School 'Introduction to Advocacy before International

                                              Criminal Tribunals'

22 December 2020           "Advocacy and International Criminal Courts" at Bilkent University

28-29 September 2019    Annual advocacy mock trial, “The use of social media evidence in court"

                                              (Organised in conjunction with OTP ICC and Bellingcat)

17 May 2018                       Mock trial weekend in French (l'art de la plaidoirie devant les Tribunaux                                                                                                   internationaux) at ICC (Co-organized with OTP ICC)

21 & 22 October 2017       Mock trial “Expert witness at the ICC” (Co-organized with the OTP ICC)

19 June 2017                      Seminar "Effective advocacy: a view from the bench" at ICC

28 February 2017               Seminar "Advocacy and the use of telecommunication evidence" at ICC

30 November 2016           Training session in taking vulnerable witnesses and victims in Court at 

                                              ICC (Co-organized with the OTP ICC)

21 & 22 May 2016              Mock Trial Weekend with the UK Advocacy Training Council at ICC

4 & 5 July 2015                    Mock Trial Weekend with the UK Advocacy Training Council at ICC

24 May 2015                       Mock Trial Weekend with the UK Advocacy Training Council at ICC

17 June 2014                      Seminar "Appellate Advocacy" at ICTY

24 May 2014                       Dealing with argumentative & hostile witnesses" at ICTY / MICT

29 April 2014                      Seminar "Motion & Application advocacy" at ICTY / MICT

29 March 2014                   "Expert evidence and prior inconsistent statements" at ICTY

14 December 2013            Mock Trial at ICTY

26 November 2013           Mock Trial at ICTY

30 September 2013          Mock Trial at ICTY

29 July 2013                        Seminar on "Tendering evidence"

29 & 30 June 2013             "Cross Examination" at ICTY

1st & 2nd June 2013          "Examination in chief" at ICTY 

24 May 2013         ‘              The Art of Advocacy’ at STL